Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SS Event Camp

Are you missing Event Camp Vancouver already? If you have the urge to revisit the theme you go!


Written by: Judy Kucharuk & Shawna McKinley

sung to: The Gilligans Island Theme Song

Just sit right back

And you'll hear a tale

A tale about a really neat game,

An App created by QuickMobile

“Get Your Green On” is it’s name

"Get Your Green On" is it's name

The mates were green meeting keeners,

The Skipper smart and sure,

They wanted to create something fun,

For the three day tour,

The three day tour.

The first mates and the Skipper too

Know that Get Your Green On is a test

Of how we can help you all know the difference

Between good, better and best

Good, Better and Best

Throughout the next few days my friends,

You will network and be inspired

But don’t forget to play the game

Sustainable actions are desired

Sustainable actions are desired

So play along with us dear friends

We hope the game is fun

With check in cooooodes

And photo opsssssss


And Acts of Greeeeeen

So grab your phone,

download the app, sign on to play

Get Your Green on has begunnnnnnnn!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Are you a Dreamer?

Have you ever been asked to work on a project with people whom you have never met? Or…..perhaps you have met them, but have never worked with them?

Such is the case with a committee driven event made up of volunteers (freely contributing time, effort and resources). At times, these committees are made up of “Doers”…..those individuals who always get the job done. But! Sometimes, the groups are made up of only “Dreamers” who, unfortunately, may not have the skill set to execute the task at hand. The perfect committee is made up of both “Doers” and “Dreamers”. Let me explain.

Dreamers are those individuals who always think yes before no. They do not see limits, only opportunities. Doers sometimes get frustrated with Dreamers because they are turning left when the Doer is turning right. They think differently and it challenges the mindset of the Doer. In essence…..they can make the project exciting!

Can someone be a Doer and a Dreamer? Yes, most definitely – but they are few and far between. If you have one on your team I suggest you treat them like a rare find. They are a little like a double rainbow or a Unicorn.

In the real world, a great collaboration needs the following:

1. You need a mix of both “Doers” and “Dreamers”

2. You need a “Dream Wrangler”: someone who can draw out the ideas from the Dreamers, keep them on track.

3. You need a leader: As much as you might be a committee, everyone needs a leader. You need a point of contact, someone to make decisions, give final approval. Committee’s can become very passive aggressive and leadership is integral to a successful outcome.

4. You need to create an environment of trust.

5. There needs to be an articulated goal that all parties understand.

Finally, it is important to know what your “Doers” and “Dreamers” need so that you can feed them. What I am saying is, that everyone participates in collaborative projects for different reasons and if you can identify what those reasons are from the beginning, you will better able to position them in the project so that they get what they need out of it.

Recently, the planets aligned for me in such a way that I was able to become a part of a unique collaborative process. I was asked by Dream Wrangler Tahira Endean to participate in the EventCamp Vancouver planning experience. Tahira is a "double rainbow" - she is both a Doer and a Dreamer and artfully worked her magic throughout the planning process. She assembled a unique group of both Dreamers and Doers from near and far. It was truly an amazing experience that is sending ripples exponentially throughout the network of those who attended.

So…..the next time you are working on a collaborative event, think about this process. Appreciate your Dreamers, because without them you wouldn’t push boundaries, stretch your imagination. Acknowledge your Doers because without them – it would just be a page filled with ideas.