Thursday, June 24, 2010

Celebrate Canada's Birthday in Style!

This is going to be the best Canada Day ever! Why? We are still bursting with pride from the recent Olympic games. Most of us can still close our eyes and hear the Nikki Yanofksy song, “I Believe”. We can still remember exactly where we were when the overtime goal was scored in the Canada versus U.S.A. men’s final hockey game. We can still see the tears on the face of Canadian Ladies Figure Skater Joannie Rochette as she finished her short program. We can still feel the excitement from when Kevin Martin threw his final stone to win gold and lastly, we can still hear the strains of O’Canada as our flag was raised many times during the games.

Come on folks….let’s make this 2010 Canada Day Gold Medal Worthy.

Wave your maple leaf – Flags are on sale everywhere right now. Proudly display your Canadian Flag. If you can’t display a flag, buy a pin and wear it on your lapel or hat.

Break into Song – We have incredible Canadian musicians. Create a nostalgic play list of Canadian favourites by encouraging your guests to think back…..way back to the year they were born and choose a Top 40 single from a Canadian Artist. I can imagine that it will end up being quite an eclectic mix of tunes…..everything from “Four Strong Winds” by Ian and Sylvia Tyson to “My Heart will go on” by Celine Dion.

Set the Scene – A clean, freshly ironed, white cotton flat sheet can double as a table-covering. The simple centerpiece can be a grouping of large and small clear glass jars, some can contain sand and soy votive/pillar candles (beware – jars can become very hot), others inexpensive red and white carnations. Wrap some of the jars with ribbon…..think red and white with possibly a twist a la aqua or chartreuse. Fruit can also make an impact on the table. In keeping with our colour theme, what about cylinder vases filled with red apples or green limes!

Hail Caesar? – Did you know that the delicious drink, the “Bloody Caesar” was invented by a Canadian in 1969 at the Owl’s Nest Bar in Calgary (source Wikipedia). The traditional Caesar contains vodka, clamato juice, and seasoning. Garnish it with dill pickles, hot peppers, pickled carrots or asparagus. My personal favourite is pickled beans!

Share some trivia – Research some random pieces of Canadian trivia and stump your guests at your party. What about, “What is Canada’s longest river” or “Whose face is on the Canadian 100 dollar bill?”

A bit of “Tim Bit” Heaven – Let’s face it, Tim Horton’s is a Canadian past time. Try this Tim Bit Dessert on July 1st.

You will need: Large Box of chocolate Tim Bits, wooden skewers, fresh strawberries and powdered sugar for dusting.

Instructions: wash, dry and hull the strawberries, thread the Tim Bits and the strawberries alternating until you have three of each on every skewer, lay on a platter and dust with powdered sugar! Garnish with fresh mint and serve immediately with…what else but Tim Horton’s coffee.

Dress the part – Encourage everyone to wear a bit of red

Movie Time – watch a movie with a memorable Canuck actor, like John Candy in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”.

Join the party – Participate in local Canada Day celebrations.

Show them a good time – There are many visitors from other countries traveling through our communities during the summer. Take a moment on July 1st to share your Canadian pride with them.

Happy Canada Day!

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