Monday, July 26, 2010

I Heart Travel Alberta!

Wow.......who knew that the MPI World Education Congress would be so much fun! Tonight I attended a reception hosted by Travel Alberta and only one word could describe it....AWESOME! The fun and laughter was contagious and the smiles were genuine.

After being greeted by the wonderful Jennifer Holly of Travel Alberta who was waiting at the Pan Pacific Hotel, we were bused to the marina. The boat was wonderful.

Food and drinks were plentiful, everything was geared to beautiful Alberta. We had Alberta beef, Alberta Bison, spicy caesars (a drink invented at a bar/hotel in Calgary) and many other great creations.

You would think that the evening couldn't possibly get better...but it did. We were entertained by the Edmonton music group, the Be Arthurs and they were fabulous!

I can't say enough about the Travel Alberta group, so I will just simply say, "Thank you"


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