Sunday, September 11, 2011

As Canadian as Rex Murphy

I am Canadian. I am a proud Canadian. But......sometimes I forget just how wonderful it feels to be born and live our lives in this great country. I was reminded of that this week after having the distinct pleasure of hearing a keynote presentation by National Post columnist and CBC Radio Host, Rex Murphy. Rex was speaking at the 2011 BC Oil & Gas Conference in Fort Nelson, a conference which I had coordinated.

Murphy has a unique manner of drawing you in close to him while he is speaking. He tells stories of his life as a Newfoundlander and of the triumphs and the struggles of his fellow Newfoundlanders. He makes you laugh and he also can render a room silent in reflective thought. He reminds us that life can change in a heartbeat (vanishing cod fishery) and how having compassion for our fellow man is life changing.

Murphy is a wordsmith on a level that I had not seen before. He doesn't throw them around at random, he doesn't waste a word...instead he carefully selects each word he uses, artfully and intelligently weaving it into the presentation.

I am Canadian, but after hearing Rex Murphy remind us of how wonderful our country is, I hold my head up high as a proud Canadian.

If you ever have the opportunity to book Rex Murphy as a not walk, but RUN to your telephone and contact the National Speaker's Bureau. He is simply that good.


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