Monday, April 30, 2012

Powering Sustainability through Influence and Mentorship

Recently I attended the 2012 GMIC Sustainable Meetings Conference in Montreal, Canada. As a GMIC Member, I look forward to the annual conference as a way to "reconnect, realign and reinvigorate". The energy at the annual conference is palpable, as like minded individuals gather to share information and their vision for the future of the sustainable meetings industry.

One of those individuals is Richard Aaron, President of BizBash Media (and recently appointed Vice Chair of the GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation). Richard brings with him a wealth of experience in the event industry and is acknowledged as "one of the foremost experts in pioneering the modern event industry". As the President of BizBash Media, Richard Aaron manages over 30 tradeshows, conferences and award shows annually in 9 markets for the organization.

Richard Aaron is an educator, lecturer and sought after speaker and I was fortunate to spend some one on one time with him during the conference.

In this interview, Richard provides valuable insight about using influence to further the message of sustainable meetings and events, and the importance of mentorship.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Mentoring is tremendously valuable for our industry, something you're never to old to benefit from, and never too young to support others! I feel very fortunate to serve on the GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation with Richard Aaron - he is inspiring, and a great mentor.

The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...

Thank you Mariela - Richard is such a dynamic person and brings such a wealth of experience to the industry. I really appreciate that he could take the time to meet with me and share his perspective.

On top of everything else, he is truly generous of spirit and he seems to be a real proponent of giving back. He really walks the talk!