Monday, September 3, 2012

Mirror, mirror......

Do any of you post inspirational quotes or thoughtful text passages around your home?

If you know me….even a little, you would you know that I am not a lover of random inspirational quote postings. When I see them on my twitter feed or my facebook timeline, I normally roll my eyes (yes, I do – I am just being honest) and grimace. If I see an inspirational quote combined with a yellow rose of friendship AND a request to pass it along to all of my friends (known as the trifecta of facebook irritation), know this…..I will delete you.

Having said that, I did attend one of those stencil parties a few years ago…the kind where you purchase graphics or pithy sayings that you can then place on your wall or mirrors. I bought three. One said, “Welcome” and I stuck it over my front door, one said “simplify your life” which I placed in my office (you can’t see it right now because my office is so disorganized) and the third said, “Begin each day with a smile”. This I adhered to the top of my mirror in the master bathroom (I say that like I have many, many bathrooms, but I only have two). I am pretty sure that this third one was free – perhaps a gift with purchase because, looking back I cannot see myself buying it. It isn’t me…at all. I remember the first time my husband noticed it on the mirror, he said something to the effect of, “Did you hit your head today?”

That was about four years ago. Four years of constant, daily reminders to “Begin each day with a smile”. Has it made a difference? Has it worked in “harmony with the laws of attraction to balance my chi”? I am certain it has not. You see, at some point during the past four years; at some point between the “did you hit your head today” comment and this very moment, the “s” fell off and that quote has actually read, “Begin each day with a mile”. I never even noticed.

So…..should I read something into this? Considering that I never, ever realized it before this very day and that it might have been like that for years, and years….I am thinking that there is no greater power at work in this situation (Other than, perhaps the power of adhesives). But maybe, just maybe it was the universe playing a silly trick. I did buy a treadmill recently…..

Just to be on the safe side....I am gonna leave it up.



Pat Jones said...

I liked reading this post. To me, however, it appears that the quip on the mirror in the master bath reads "Begin each day with a MILE," emphasis added because I don't see an "s." What's going on here? Anyway, I like the post and your recent one about the magpie.

The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...

Hi Pat

Actually, in the blog post I state that at some point the "s" must have fallen off and I never noticed. Not sure how long it was like that.

I am glad you liked the post and the one about the Magpie - sorry I didn't see your response earlier.