Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clap Your Hands!

My nephew Ben, a wee bit over two years old, toddles along playing with his toys. His days and nights are full of “firsts”. The first time he walked, the first time he talked, the first time he slept through the night. 

These “firsts” become a blur of daily occurrences, and at times, we forget how absolutely remarkable this little human being can be. Never fear! Ben reminds us.  On one particular occasion Little Ben manipulates a transformer toy, and then places it on the table with a flourish, looking at each one of us expectantly……then, bursting into a big smile, he claps and then we clap and pretty soon he is giggling and we are all clapping in unison.

Children are pretty smart. When they do something remarkable, they ask and oftentimes demand acknowledgement.

Why can’t adults do that?

Wouldn’t it be cool to give/get some applause and affirmation from time to time?

Instead…… we hold back our praise because, in our opinion, it wasn’t amazing enough or perhaps we are jealous.

What constitutes “Amazing Enough”? When did we become so under-whelmed with life?

I think that apathy is a habit that we can break. Wouldn’t you rather live in a world filled with positive reinforcement and praise? Wouldn’t it be nicer to live in a world where we look at each day as a “first” and celebrate it and everything that comes with it?

Here is the world that I would love to live in:
·      We say please and thank you ALL THE TIME
·      We recognize small accomplishments with praise (and yes….maybe sometimes applause)
·      We make an effort to attend and support all milestones: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation’s, new jobs, etc.
·      We regularly congratulate our co-workers on a job well done.
·      We aren’t embarrassed when we are happy and excited about something – when we are happy and we know it we wear that happiness with pride
·      We celebrate life’s baby steps
·      We appreciatively and without reservation, sit in silence for a few short moments on November 11th.

Why the “Deep thoughts by Judy” today? I am not so sure….. It could have come from thinking about Remembrance Day this past Sunday and how important it is to acknowledge folks and what they have accomplished.

I am saddened when I think about the day that Ben turns to someone looking for a pat on the back and none is forthcoming. When he looks around expecting applause and there is silence. Is that something that happens when you grow up?

Wouldn’t it be nice if that didn’t have to happen?



Jennifer Mckingley said...

Love this article. This is something to ponder. Thanks for sharing.


The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...

Thanks Jennifer! Your comment made my day :)