Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Darned if you do? Inexcusable if you don't

A few days ago, I clicked through to a link tweeted by Marc Stoiber (I knew that if Marc was saying he loved something, then it was worth checking out). The link took me to a wonderful article written by Park Howell on the Sustainable Brands site. The article was about a new mobile app called "FlashFood" which was designed to help divert restaurant food waste to feed those going hungry.

Click to read the entire article "FlashFood Mobile App Diverts Restaurant Food Waste to Feed the Hungry" 

A brilliant idea. I loved it as well.

The article went on to explain that adoption of the program was slowed by the fact that business owners were concerned about potential liability if someone were to get sick from the donated food and that not every business owner is aware of the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act that provides protection to those donors participating in projects such as FlashFood. 

Liability......yes, that old chestnut.

I retweeted the article and then sent a message to those tagged in the post saying that it was:

 "A gr8t idea limited by misplaced fear of foodsafe liability. Aren't we liable if we DON'T do it? 

Yes.....aren't we liable if we DON'T do it? When we don't do something that will possibly save a life and most definitely improve a life

What about our moral and ethical obligations? 

What type of world do we live in that we would deliberately sidestep a starving human being? Because that is what we are doing when we allow ourselves to be limited by misplaced fear. 

I applaud those involved with this project and I look forward to hearing more about FlashFood. 

If you want to read more great stuff by Park Howell, you can find his blog here or at



Park Howell said...

Important post, Judy. Thanks for taking the time to share the challenge with restaurants not understanding the Good Samaritan Act and how they can donate unused food to the hungry without the risk of liability. An important stumbling block for the folks at FlashFood to overcome. This helps.

The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...

Thanks Park - I wish the folks at FlashFood every success with their mobile app.