Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's baaaaack! Bl!nk is Back!

Last year at the 2012 GMIC Conference in Montreal, we introduced a brand, spankin' new presentation method called Bl!nk. 

For those of you who don't know what Bl!nk is or what occurred in Montreal, you can get caught up here and here and perhaps here.

We are soooooo excited to tell everyone that Bl!nk is back for the 2013 GMIC Conference in Chicago and we are looking for submissions from registered delegates.

Don't have time to put something together? Remember.....Bl!nk presentations are between 2 and 5 minutes in length and you can choose to use music, video, or powerpoint or just simply talk! Last year, Elizabeth Henderson, Chief Sustainability Strategist from Meeting Change (and co-developer of Bl!nk) wrote a poem! It was excellent and you can read it here.

This is an opportunity to share something about yourself, what you are passionate about. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you better.

This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd! 

The Bl!nk presentations will be held on April 9th (Tuesday) between 1:30 and 2:15

 There are limited Bl!nk opportunities available this year!

Submission information can be found on the GMIC Conference Website - just scroll down to the Bl!nk logo on the agenda and click!

Got questions? You can email me at, tweet me @judylaine or simply comment on this post with your question.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Darned if you do? Inexcusable if you don't

A few days ago, I clicked through to a link tweeted by Marc Stoiber (I knew that if Marc was saying he loved something, then it was worth checking out). The link took me to a wonderful article written by Park Howell on the Sustainable Brands site. The article was about a new mobile app called "FlashFood" which was designed to help divert restaurant food waste to feed those going hungry.

Click to read the entire article "FlashFood Mobile App Diverts Restaurant Food Waste to Feed the Hungry" 

A brilliant idea. I loved it as well.

The article went on to explain that adoption of the program was slowed by the fact that business owners were concerned about potential liability if someone were to get sick from the donated food and that not every business owner is aware of the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act that provides protection to those donors participating in projects such as FlashFood. 

Liability......yes, that old chestnut.

I retweeted the article and then sent a message to those tagged in the post saying that it was:

 "A gr8t idea limited by misplaced fear of foodsafe liability. Aren't we liable if we DON'T do it? 

Yes.....aren't we liable if we DON'T do it? When we don't do something that will possibly save a life and most definitely improve a life

What about our moral and ethical obligations? 

What type of world do we live in that we would deliberately sidestep a starving human being? Because that is what we are doing when we allow ourselves to be limited by misplaced fear. 

I applaud those involved with this project and I look forward to hearing more about FlashFood. 

If you want to read more great stuff by Park Howell, you can find his blog here or at


Friday, February 15, 2013

Feeling/looking like a jackass in 140 characters or less......

Sometimes 140 characters is not enough to get your point across. 
Sometimes 140 characters is 120 characters too much.

My point is........when you have a "conversation" on twitter, you are doing so by carefully parsing (right word?) your words to fit into a 140 character tweet adding #hashtags in order to give it impact, feeling and sometimes to help it to make sense.

Today, I had something unusual happen on twitter. Perhaps I am just being oversensitive. Perhaps I am suffering from the post Valentine Day sugar crash. But.....I kind of was made to feel, well......a little like a jackass and it didn't feel very good.

I am certain that the individual involved did so innocently and without knowledge of how she/he/it made me feel (this is what I choose to believe as I stick my fingers into my ears, and say la-la-la-la-la). I am also fairly certain that to the individual involved, I was simply 1 of 11,000 followers responding pleasantly to a tweet that (knowing what I know now), was crafted and cast out into the twittersphere like a fishing lure waiting and wishing for someone to respond.

I got a response moments later with the hashtag #sucker and you know what? It made me feel a little bad.

I know that it might seem feel badly about a #hashtag. She could have chosen to use a different hashtag, one that was a little less mocking. #Sucker just made me feel silly.

Then a flashbulb went off and I realized that I had run into my first "twitter troll".  I don't think she meant to be a troll, but she became one as soon as she began the practice of baiting her followers into responding in a certain that she could then retweet with the #sucker hashtag.

I realized that this was someone who could only feel larger, by making others feel smaller. 

So, I did the only thing I could do. I "unfollowed" her and then wrote this post.

You know what?

I feel better now.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Tim Hortons.......

Disclaimer: I love Tim Hortons coffee. In fact, I brew it every morning at home in my Tim Hortons home brewer and drink it out of my Tim Hortons reusable mug. It is the beginning of my day….every day.

February 18th, Tim Hortons will be launching its 2013 “Roll Up the Rim To Win” Contest (the link is to the 2012 contest - I will change it once the new one is launched). For my non-Canadian readers, the contest involves specially created disposable cups that have a “rollable” rim. After drinking your java you roll up the rim to reveal if you have won a freebie. Prizes include: coffee, food prizes, camping packages, televisions, gift cards, cameras and even a new vehicle.

Ya….it’s a big deal in Canada

As a result, Tim Hortons disposable cups with the rollable rim become a valued commodity (there have been court cases because of the cups). Why is this contest so popular? I think it is because the Roll up the Rim contest is the great Canadian equalizer. Anyone with enough money in their change purse to purchase a coffee has the chance to win a brand new vehicle or… most cases a free doughnut. It crosses all economic boundaries and demographics. We are being rewarded for being good customers.

There is a down side……..

The contest can only be played on disposable cups. Result? Contest = more people buying coffee = more cups in the garbage.

But….I have my own reusable cup…what happens then? During the contest, if you present your reusable cup at the coffee counter, they will graciously fill your cup, but will hand you a disposable cup as well, so that you can play the game.

Another scenario is sometimes near the end of the contest they run out of medium/large/extra large coffee cups with the game playing rollable rim. In this case, you are given your coffee in “normal” disposable cup AND given a game-playing cup in a different size.

It just seems wrong and there has to be a better way to run this contest…one that is less wasteful.

Is this a case where the marketed and branded “Roll up the Rim” contest is so recognizable that any deviation would frustrate and alienate the customer? I don’t think so. I think they could slowly introduce another option….another way for folks to play the game that creates less waste.

Are you listening Tim Hortons? Please don’t make me feel bad about drinking your coffee……I really like your coffee and I want to feel good about the choice I am making.

The contest is successful, the brand is it is time to move forward - improve it by embracing a more sustainable strategy.

What do you think?

Update*** After posting a tweet about this blog post, I had a response from Brett Pickering (@BrettP65) who had this to say:
Thank you for the information Brett. The link for the 2012 game can be found HERE

The will no doubt play a similar game for the 2013 campaign. They also have a few other cool social media links on their site HERE