Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Walking with Scott

I have run marathons, half marathons and 10k's…….but you would never know it. Over the past 5 years I have been lazy, lazy, lazy and with my daughter's wedding coming up in September, I know I will regret not taking my fitness and my overall "look" a bit more seriously. I have exceeded my maximum GVW and it is GO time!

So today I began walking with Scott. Just for clarification, I am not actually walking with Scott, rather I am listening to Scott Stratten. One would think that I would download Gaga or Katy or Kanye, but no……I am a social media junkie so I downloaded every @unmarketing podcast onto my ipod and went for a power walk.

The first unpodcast I listed to? "Why Crowdsourcing Matters" - funny, insightful and sheds a light (as always) on the ridiculous in the world today.

Anyway……I digress. Observations from  today's walk:

Self Magazine should be ashamed of themselves and will retain their spot on the "mountain" for quite a while….in fact, my next walk might be complete with a "tutu" (you have to listen to the podcast for that to make sense.

I need to invest in better, sturdier "underpinnings"

I didn't die….nor did I feel like I was going to die (all good things)

I walked for approximately 34 minutes of an undetermined distance.

Unpodcast "Why Crowdsourcing Matters"

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