Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Redefining "Having It all"

Is there a way to "have it all" this holiday season and still minimize our environmental footprint? The answer is no, probably not, because to most of us, "having it all" has come to mean something very extreme, almost unattainable. It is the perfect gift, the perfect meal, being the perfect host, being the perfect parent. 

The perfect gift is not defined by price, the perfect meal is one that is shared with those you love regardless of what you are eating, the perfect host is one that spends time with guests and the perfect parent is one that is honest with their children and doesn't create unrealistic expectations for them. One of the positives of our economic downtown is that it has actually helped the green movement. Because we cannot afford as much, we are purchasing wisely, we are reusing more, we are finding ways to stretch our dollar, we are rediscovering old traditions. We are redefining "having it all".

How do we do it? Sit down with your family and set some parameters. Speak openly with children about what your goals are for the holiday season. You need to set the example for them, you need to lead the way. 

The greenest gift of all is time. Spending time with your children, spending time with family and nurturing friendships. 

Merry Christmas!

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