Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Green new Year

2009 is less than 24 hours away! I was just reading an newsletter I get from the Daily Green. In their New Year edition they are calling for input on what their readers think will be the hip and cool green trends for 2009. Who and what are going to be the movers and the shakers in the green movement.
I thought about this for a while and here are my green predictions;

They talk about 2007 was the year of the CFL, and 2008 reusable bags were the bomb (and I believe that the stainless steel water bottle was right up there too). But I think 2009 is going to be the year of the Compost. I think the time has come that we are going to have to start becoming a little more familiar with our garbage. With recycling having the stumbling blocks of not being able to sell to International brokers, and the landfills still filling up regardless of our children learning the three Rs in Kindergarten, we are going to have to start focusing on that 30% of municipal garbage that will actually disappear for real. Organic waste.
Our food waste is the only part of our garbage that will actually become something useful with very little effort, and almost no cost, just nature. But it is the only part of our garbage that we rarely do anything with. We will wash out every container, squish milk cartons and peel labels but we won't scrap our plates into a bucket under the sink and then empty it in a pile in the backyard to become dirt, the same dirt that we buy every year for $8.95 for a tiny baggy for out planters. Hum!

The Daily Green was also asking who we thought might be the new eco-celebrity. Decaprio and Pitt were the eco-kings in 2007 and 2008. I think 2009 it should be Horton.
You know, from Horton Hears A Who. Come on, he saved an entire global universe.
Horton shows us that a little sensitivity, and stepping outside your comfort zone, can make a huge impact on the survival of the world. That puts him tops in my book.

My predictions for cool green Mantra...we have had The Three Rs, I think the new hip catch phrase should be Do More With Less. It sounds kind of vague and interesting, and It's actually much easier that all that recycling anyway.

No matter what the green trends are in 2009, as the clock strikes midnight tonight and you raise your glass of organic locally brewed sparkling wine and cheer you good friends and family to a happy New Year my hope for you is that you do not get kissed by that creepy friend of your neighbors who's moustache is always wet.

Happy New Year

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