Saturday, January 3, 2009

Top Three New Year's Resolutions for 2009!

Happy New Year everyone

I was listening to MSNBC this a.m. and they were reporting on the top three New Years' Resolutions for 2009. What do you think they are? Well of course there is losing weight because that is always a resolution, second is quitting smoking and the third top resolution was..........spend less money.

You thought I was going to say, "go green" didn't you? It really doesn't matter though because usually spending less money does equal going greener. You spend less so you get less stuff, you are more frugal with your fuel so you plan your trips more efficiently, you may even decide to put in a garden this year if you can. You will reuse instead of replacing. You will go green out of necessity.

With recycling in a bit of trouble due to global markets, we are focusing on the other R's, Reduce and Reuse and that does save you money no matter how you look at it. Someone even said the other day that composting was gaining popularity......finally.

Whatever your resolution is for 2009, commit to one greener act this year.

Happy New Year


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