Friday, June 26, 2009

Watching the garden grow....

I feel a little like a child these days watching our garden grow. The potatoes are looking good, the peas are reaching for the sun and I think I overplanted the turnip a bit! I am currently looking on websites trying to come up with some recipes for turnip other than the traditional. Can you freeze it, can you "can" it? 

I also will have beans, beets, onions and slowly but surely I will have carrots (we planted them a little deep.

When the carrots weren't coming up and the turnips looked like they had been nibbled on by something I had a "Little House on the Prairie" flashback to the episode when their garden didn't produce. "What are we going to eat Pa?", cried Laura

We don't have that problem, having a garden for us is not a necessity because we can go to the grocery store and buy what we need. But what if it was a necessity? What if we needed our garden to produce so that we could survive the winter? 


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