Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting to meet the coolest people!

I have the best job in the world! Do you know why? I get to meet the most tremendously interesting people when planning events. Right now I am working on the Northeastern BC Community Living Conference to be held in May which is going to be a wonderful event full of great workshops and information. One of the individuals speaking at the event is Norm Kunc of Broadreach  Training and Resources.  Norman and his partner Emma have spent the last 25 years working to ensure that people with disabilities are able to take their rightful place in schools, workplaces and communities. Norm was born with Cerebral Palsy but that has not slowed his pace or dampened his passion for life. After school he went on to complete a Bachelors degree in Humanities and a Master of Science degree in family therapy. It was great to speak with him on the phone while planning this event and I can't wait to meet him in October.

I also was fortunate enough to touch base with Amy Roloff  recently. Amy and her family come into our homes each week with a program called, "Little People, Big World". We were looking to see if she would be available to speak at our conference. Unfortunately, she wasn't available, but maybe another time. As I expected, she was very nice and every bit down to earth. I really enjoyed speaking with her and maybe having an opportunity to work with her in the future.

As I said, "I get to meet the coolest people"!


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