Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things you didn't know about me...

So…last evening after a long day driving home from Edmonton, I was lounging in the bath with a glass of white wine and rereading my dog-eared, water stained (borrowed from someone, but I can’t remember who [Gordon] and they probably don’t want it back now [not in that condition anyway]) hard copy of UnMarketing by Scott Stratten.

After the water had cooled to an uncomfortable temperature and the wine had warmed to an undrinkable temperature, and just when I was ready to hop out of the tub, I happened upon Chapter 49, titled “Viral Marketing”.

What? Had I missed this Chapter the three (okay….five) previous readings of the book? Non? Slipping down further into the water to stay warm, elbows firmly propped against my….err chest, my UnMarketing book barely treading water….I began to read about the time Scott wrote a blog post titled, “25 things you didn’t know about me” and the reaction he received after posting it.

My mind began to race (perhaps it was hypothermia or maybe the wine). Would anyone care to read something like that about me? Dear Lord…what if people DID read it? (Disclaimer: Sometimes I think that the only people who read my blog posts are very dear friends, a handful of colleagues and of course….my mother)

And honestly, what can I say that I would want everyone to know?

So, I went out to Scott’s blog and found the post from 2009. Do you know what I thought after reading it? I might just try that for kicks and giggles.

So I did.

  1. I am not a hugger. I don’t give hugs freely and you know what? That is okay. I just have a larger personal bubble than most and don’t invite many people in it. If you see me giving away lots of hugs, chances are something bad has happened.
  2. I love dolphins
  3. I have “un petit” OCD (please read this one with a French accent)
  4. I have taken lessons for piano, flute and bluegrass banjo and have also played guitar and mandolin. Disclaimer: If called upon, I could not recall any of my previous abilities….they have left me.
  5. I love to whistle! My husband hates it when I whistle, but I don’t care….whistling makes me happy. In my head I am a fabulous Whistle(er) and can riff whistle any song including the classics (ABBA)
  6. I wish my inner voice was a real person because she is Bad Ass! She would be riding in one of those cars with the hydraulics, painted glossy red and some Blondie would be coming from the equally Bad Ass speakers! Frankly she terrifies me just a little.
  7. I am super short but am still the tallest amongst my siblings…which brings me to…
  8. I have three sisters (there are 4 of us!!! Oh my gawd) and….all of our names begin with “J”. I don’t want to state the obvious, but we were doing the “same first initial thing” before the Duggars. My parents took it one step further. How so? All of our middle names begin with “L”.
  9. I grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta, Canada (cross reference #9 with #4)
  10. My grandmother died of Alzheimer Disease and I try to support the Society whenever I can. Did you know they have a “Walk for Memories” every year?
  11. I have two kidlets and they are amazing….just sayin’
  12. I have run three marathons, a couple of half marathons and many, many 10K’s. (Unfortunately, that was a couple of years ago and right now I probably couldn’t run a km without stopping many times).
  13. I have ridden a snowmobile to school
  14. I love, love to watch Curling on television. For those of you unfamiliar with Curling, it is a game where people slide 38-pound rocks of granite down a sheet of ice. It is like shuffleboard only you need to dress warmer. It is fascinating and I would love to play like the pro's do. Dare to dream...dare to dream
  15. My dad was a private pilot and he used to have a little Cessna airplane that was kept in a hangar located in our yard at the farm. He built an airstrip on the property so that when he needed to go somewhere, it was simply a matter of going 100 feet outside the front door to the hangar and leaving. Do you want to know the kicker? When my dad was 39 years old he suffered a massive heart attack and almost died. What saved him? The air ambulance flew in and landed on our homegrown airstrip, taxi'd to the front yard, loaded dad and took him to the hospital located 90 km away. Pretty cool!
  16. I am terrified of spiders and bears which keep me from vacationing in super warm locale’s (huge spiders) as well as hiking (huge bears).
  17. I prefer Tim Hortons coffee over Starbucks. Don’t hate on me people.
  18. I once lived on an Island but had to move…. Perhaps there were too many spiders or perhaps we wanted to move closer to where my dad worked. Your choice.
  19. My favourite writers are ones who use footnotes (random reasoning) so therefore, they include Jen Lancaster and Scott Stratten.
  20. I am scared of sharks...duh
  21. My bucket list items include sky diving and writing a book…the latter being one I should do first in case I don’t survive the sky diving thing.
  22. I have a freakish love for small buttons that say pithy things
  23. In another life…one where I had enough courage and confidence, I would try Stand Up......once. What’s stopping me? What if they don’t laugh? I. am. terrified.
  24. Once upon a time, a goose stole my shoe (true story)
As the brilliant Meryl Streep said in that period piece called "The Devil Wears Prada"......"That is all"

The End



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this Judy,, there was sooo much about you that i didn't know.. really really liked this


The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...

Thanks for your comment Priscilla - I am glad you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious piece of literature, made me chuckle heartily (Said with an English accent, sounds better.)


Midori Connolly said...

HA! You are really as hilarious as I suspected!!
You know who you have a remarkably high number of things in common with? Amanda Gourgue...too funnny :)

Thanks for sharing, this was a great read.


The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...

Thanks Midori

I love Amanda Gourgue! What a great person to have alot of things in common with. You know I call her "mini me" don't you? LOL