Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Been Fun

"It's been fun"

The sound you are hearing is millions of Twitter fans and Social Media experts sucking in air.


With those final three little words "It's been fun", @alecbaldwin has (once again) left the building known as Twitter and (once again) we seem to care.


Is it because his tweets were smart and funny and we couldn’t wait to check out his stream every day?

No….I don’t think so

Is it because he shared timely and relevant information?

No, not in my opinion

It must be because his political commentary was riveting….right?

No…not really

Well….why then? Why do we care?

Oh! Oh! Pick me! I have the answer! (my hand is extended over my head and I am jumping up and down)

We care because…

If @alecbaldwin can quit twitter than that means (gasp) others might follow suit and QUIT! OMG! OMG!

The fans panic because if an uber tweeter like @alecbaldwin can call quitsy then perhaps @KimKardashian or @JessicaSimpson or…holy shit….@justinbieber might.quit.tweeting

Is it a sign of the Apocalypse? Is it an indication the End of Days are near? Will @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher) with over 11 million followers be next?

Nah…..of course not, but it does unravel some fans a bit because for them, Twitter is about entertainment, not necessarily information.

But what about the Social Media folks….you know who I mean…the ones who live to talk about hashtags, trends and twitter streams. Folks like us who make our living by making sure that our attendees and clients are fully engaged using social media. Why do we care? 

  • We care because we have invested an awful lot of energy into Twitter
  • We care because we feel like we have helped nurture, guide and shape Twitter into the social media star that it has become
Has Twitter reached a tipping point?

Has it “jumped the shark?”

I think not.

Twitter has become a powerful social media tool and one highly publicized defection by a well known celebrity will not create a mass exodus. Frankly, I would be more concerned if someone like @jenisefryatt suddenly announced she were abandoning Twitter because Jenise uses Twitter to inform and engage. She shares information. She is a Social Media star and much more of a celebrity in my circle than @alecbaldwin.

So until that happens....I am not gonna worry about it.

Perhaps @alecbaldwin just wanted to spend time with his lovely new bride. No other reason.

You can let that breath out….it’s gonna be okay.


Jenise Fryatt said...


I feel so honored that you included me in this post. I'm right with you on this one, though. There are a few people on Twitter whose defection from the platform would make me reconsider my use of it. Celebrities are not on that list.

Thank you again, my friend. :) (You made my day!)

The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...


You are welcome!

Have a wonderful day!


Keith said...

Great insight and a really good point. If you are getting your celeb news from social media then it is a big deal but for the rest of us that use social media as a tool, it will just make us shrug our shoulders and go back to doing what we do!

And if Jenise left Twitter I would probably cry....just a little.. LOL

The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...

Thanks for your comment Keith and I think you are right........many would cry :)


Unknown said...
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Mitchell Beer said...

Judy, I think this is exactly right. To me, the breathless, fluttering celebrity content that we see on social media just junks up the channel and gets in the way of real conversation and knowledge-sharing. When it reaches the point where it takes too long to sort through and find the material that's useful to us, the medium itself gets to be more trouble than it's worth. And that's where we all risk losing a great mechanism for sharing the information we really need.

I'm glad you've pointed to Jenise as one of the social media stars who make Twitter and other platforms worthwhile. Two things I've learned from her work:

* Social media channels are at their best when they build on the social glue between online friends and colleagues to create results in the real world; and
* To do a *great* job of engaging and informing via social media, you have to be able to distinguish real engagement from aimless chatter, or marketing messages scaled down to 140 characters. That understanding will most likely come from experience outside social networks...or from working with practical visionaries like Jenise.

The Green-Eyed Event Planner said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I agree! Each of us engage using social media for different reasons, but where does it make its greatest impact? We see the true power of social media in the hands of folks like Jenise because they are authentic and use it as a tool to build on the social glue (I love that term).

Have a wonderful day!