Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

I move through this ever evolving field of sustainability and Eco-efficiency to bring our clients the type of business consulting they are searching for from us; and while the work is incredibly rewarding, there are also some incredibly huge downers.
I am secretly thrilled that being cheap and not wanting to buy everything is now considered green and innovative. I am also a little prideful when I tally up how many times I walked this week instead of driving, and I carry my reusable cloth bags with a slight air of confidence that I am not one of those harming the earth.
I am the Queen of Green when it's stuff I don't mind doing, or things I don't do in the first place. I don't know if I actually deserve green credits for not driving a Hummer or running my household air conditioner if I don't actually own those things? But I'll take them.
But as I am basking in my sense of Eco-friendliness, suddenly I will come across something I don't want to, my hair dryer uses more energy in one coiffure styling session than it takes to light a house for a whole day. Or that more than 300,000 trees are harvested each year just to produce Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards, they are so pretty.
I don't want to have to forego my fabulous hairdos, and I want to send glittery, over sized Christmas cards to everyone I should have actually made effort to call over the year. Darn it!
It is not easy being green. One is not always aware of the sacrifices one must make in this life.
But I shall persevere on my Eco journey. Maybe I can let my golden locks (from hair dye containing hormone disturbers which I am not ready to talk about yet) dry naturally a few times a week. Maybe I will get organized and make the effort to call some of the members of my Christmas list and talk in person...well, a quick email at any rate.
Besides, I just read that disposal diapers are going into the Canadian landfills at a rate of 4 million a day...Ha, my kids haven't been in diapers for over nine years, I'm good.

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