Saturday, July 19, 2008

Visit your Farmer's Market while on "staycation"

With the rising fuel prices, myself and many other Canadians are enjoying a "staycation" this year. We are exploring our own communities and checking in with some favourite local summer pastimes. One of those often over-looked outings is going to the local farmer's market. Vendors up at dawn, some putting the finishing touches on fresh baking in the wee hours of the morning, doing it just for us....just so that we have the opportunity to access fresh local vegetables, organic meat and canning just like we remember as children. Quilters taking enormous pride in their creations, jewelry makers marketing their designs.

The local farmer's market fulfills another need. It us give us the opportunity to socialize within our own community. We get a chance to reconnect with our neighbours and for us to recognize the tremendous talent that lies around us.

As I sit here listening to the pot of homemade borscht bubbling on the stove from the baby beets I purchased this morning, I realize just how fortunate I am.....


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