Friday, April 9, 2010

Lend a Hand for Earth Day 2010

I have been researching for my blog and see there are many different articles floating about discussing how people should spend Earth Day 2010. So...I thought I would contribute my two cents worth.

Here is my recipe for spending Earth Day 2010

Find a project - call around to non-profit organizations, etc. and identify a "project" that you participate in. Perhaps it is painting a club house for the soccer association, or cleaning out the flower beds of the local seniors home. The important thing to remember is that the project must be designed to be completed that day so that there is a feeling of accomplishment achieved.

Now that you have identified a project you need to.....

Come up with a guest list - write down a list of individuals whom you could invite to participate in this project. Make sure you will have enough to complete the project as promised.

Send out the "invitations" - Go to the local Home Depot or hardware store and purchase work gloves. These will become your invitations for the event. Hand deliver only one glove to the invitee. Write on the palm of the glove, the details of the event, i.e. time, date, etc. You can explain that they will receive the other glove when they show up that morning.

"Lend a hand to celebrate Earth Day"
April 22nd

When everyone arrives at the project site, hand out the second glove to participants. Arrange to have a member of the organization that you are supporting be there to explain the project and what the contribution means.

Post Project Picnic (love alliteration!) - You can either have a post project picnic at the site, or you can invite the participants over to your home for a barbeque. If you give them an hour to freshen up with the promise of a cold beer or glass of wine, they will be sure to attend. Psst....try to make it local beer or wine

Pictures!! Make sure that you take lots of pictures during the project. A group photo is really important because you will want to send each participant one as a great keepsake and thank you!

I hope you have a wonderful Earth Day!

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