Friday, April 16, 2010

I spy with my green eyes........

Are you tired of giving/receiving stainless steel water bottles at every greened conference you have attended the past couple of years? Why not give out shower timers? It is an item which will work on modifying behaviour, which is key!

A Digital Shower Timer from Blue Star. I received this link via twitter and thought it was a great idea.

Found it on (by the way....fabulous resource website) and was instantly smitten.

The website states...

"The Digital Shower Timers are a great way to introduce the concept of shorter showers that is fun, attractive and effective. Simply install in a shower on a non-porous surface with a suction cup (also can be made available with a heavy duty adhesive tape for more permanent installations). This water proof and shatter proof digital shower is a battery-operated real time clock and programmable countdown timer that beep‚ beep..beeps you out of the shower.

Consider the following:

  • Hotels average 2.1 guests per room each taking 16.2 minute showers using 71.4 gallons of water per room for showering per day. (Pacific Institute/Western Resource Advocates)
  • 3,334,500 gallons of water are used for showering in Las Vegas alone per year.
  • By instituting the shorter shower program a hotel can save nearly $700.00 per year for every 100 hotel rooms with a participation rate of only 20%.
  • Growing consumer concern for the environment will increasingly become a key differentiator in guest's choice of quality accommodations

Hotels Long showers translate to profits down the drain. With rising water and sewer rates, as well as increasing prices of the energy required to heat water, there is a large and growing opportunity for hotels to reduce their operating costs and environmental impact through a shorter shower program."

I have also found the Shower Minder Water Conservation Timer at Fairware ( Fairware is a Vancouver based company who's goal is to, "source high quality, unique promotional items that meet our standards of social and environmental responsibility". They have a great website and lots of great products.

So...wouldn't shower timers make a great giveaway to your out of town guests at your next conference? Get them branded with your logo and then give them out! I will bet your participants will be impressed and will be taking it home and putting in their shower at home for their teenage children!

Happy Friday everyone!

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