Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green your Easter Celebration!

Easter is just around the corner and now is the time to begin planning your “green” Easter celebration. Here are some tips to planning an eco-friendly Easter:
  • Only purchase eggs for decorating which come packaged in cardboard….no styro!
  • Consider creating paper mache eggs using newspapers destined for the recycling bin. These “eggs” can be made in many different sizes and you can create much larger designs. They also will not spoil like traditional hardboiled eggs and can become a keepsake for those who find them.
  •  Minimize the use of those hollow plastic eggs. If you already have them, try and reuse them each year.
  • Keep your baskets from year to year. We keep our Christmas stockings from year to year, why not our easter baskets? Encourage each child to create a one of a kind basket and then personalize it with their name.
  • Make your own basket “grass”. Shred gift wrap or tissue paper that you have saved from Christmas and use it to line the baskets. You can also pop popcorn, let it cool completely, seal it in a zip lock bag with a couple of drops of green food colouring and “shake, shake, shake”. Once the pop corn is coated, let it dry completely on a cookie sheet before lining the baskets or it will stain.
  • Flower Power! Create your seasonal centerpiece with “in season” blooms such as tulips and daffodils. Even better…..fill a clear glass container with the brightly coloured paper mache eggs you have created!
  •  Look for alternatives! Let’s face it, organic/fair trade chocolate can be pricey. Try and swap out at least one easter treat with an organic treat.  Better yet…make some homemade treats for the baskets such as popcorn “eggs” or bunny shaped sugar cookies.
  • Let’s talk turkey! Is there a local resource for organic, free range turkey? They are more expensive than the supermarket turkey, but if you increase the amount of vegetables you are serving, the turkey can now become the “caviar” of the meal. Display it beautifully and serve smaller portions.
  • Serve local wine or beer…and recycle the bottles!
  • Ditch the throwaways! If you don’t have enough plates, flatware and glasses of your own to host your meal….borrow them!
  • Carpool to the meal with other family members. Make arrangements ahead of time to pick up everyone and travel in one vehicle.
 The  most important tip to remember is that these celebrations are not all about the “stuff”, or the meal that is prepared, they are about spending time with family and friends.

Happy Easter!

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